Inspiration Comes From Action

Want to Be Inspired?

Inspiration Comes from Action

Inspiration Comes from Action

I just love when God gives me these awesome nuggets.  As I was sitting around the other day wondering where my motivation had gone he gave me this:  “Inspiration comes from actions that you take.”  Boom!  There it was the obvious answer to my lack of inspiration and motivation.  In order for me to get my mojo back, I’ve got to get back to my action plan.  With every action step that I take, that step has the potential to inspire new ideas to blend into the fold.

The first thing I did was contact  Yakinea Marie and asked was I too far behind to catch up.  I was so flustered with the cloud of stuff in my head, I could hardly get the words out.  Not to worry though, she knew exactly where I was and said just jump back in .

I participated in the BizLive call on Sunday, May 3rd to jumpstart my enthusiasm.  I missed a few moments  at the beginning, but it was just what I needed.  Hostesses for the BizLive were Shewana Townes Mack and Eboni L. Dixon Truss.  Awesome job ladies.

Inspiration Comes From Taking Another Step

Next stop.  BizLive meeting on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 at the YWCA downtown.  I might have a scheduling conflict here, but if I can swing I’ll be there.  If not, I’ll be attending the remaining sessions for sure. We’ll be talking about the power of creating a “Vision Board” then conceptualizing it.  I’ve been thinking about vision boards for months now and as usual, I have not stopped to make that board a reality.  I’m sure BizLive with make me hold my feet to the fire so I may as well get ready to “visualize.”

The I am Woman Network is the bomb dot-com and I’m so glad to have found it.

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