In Constant Pursuit of Peace

The Greatest Source of Peace


Where Do You Find Peace?

I find the greatest source of peace when I pray, meditate and talk to God.  Many times I forget to pray before I go to bed, but I am often up in the middle of the night.  When that happens, I spend quality time with God.  I usually start with a prayer thanking God and letting my request be known to God.  Then I talk with him for a while just as if he were sitting in a chair next to me.  The more we talk, the more at peace I feel.  And yes, I did say “we” because I believe God is an active participant in the conversation.

After my initial conversation with God, I pray again just before reading Our Daily Bread  (ODB) and I ask God to cast upon me a veil of discernment so that the ODB message is clear as well as the associated scripture for that day.    As I read, I am engulfed in a peaceful and joyful state of mind as I am fully aware of each word’s significance to the overall message or scripture.  In essence, discernment heightens my peaceful state of mind.

After I read and meditate, I post my daily “Wake Up With the Word” on Facebook while I am in the spirit so that I will remember to share what God has given me to share with others.  Then I go back to meditating, talking with God and praying.  By this time, I am so at peace and at rest, I don’t even realizing that I’m going back to sleep.  When I wake up in the morning in preparation for work, I give thanks to God for breathing breath into my body just one more day.  I pray, meditate and talk to God some more before rolling out of bed for the day.

Above all things, this is what gives me the greatest sense of peace.  I don’t do this often enough during the course of a busy day.  However, when I do I am filled with this same sense of peace and it has a calming effect on the balance of my day and I gain more focus on the work that I have to do.

Where Do You Find Peace?

Where do you find peace?  I don’t know if everyone ever experiences a complete sense of peace but I do believe that we should always be in search of peaceful mental state. Once you find that source of peace, I hope that you will return to that place often.  Without question, that place of peace is gives you just another opportunity to hit the “Reset Your Life” button.

“Every day presents an opportunity to hit The reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead

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