Get Out of Your Way

Talking Yourself Into What You’ve Talked Yourself Out Of

Hit the Reset Button on Life

Hit the Reset Button on Life

I know that some of you must be saying to yourself, what the heck does that mean:  Get Out of Your Way or Talking Yourself Into What You’ve Talked Yourself Out Of.  Then there are others that have light bulbs going off in their heads.

It’s funny how your mind can play terrible tricks on you.  One minute you have got the greatest idea about something and the next minute you’ve convinced yourself that it will never work (not in a million years).  Within an instant, a dream or a great idea dies all because you’ve talked yourself out of pursuing it, before the vision was fully conceived.

I believe that one of the many reasons why this happens is because you don’t know how to achieve the goal or even where to start.  But not knowing how to achieve a goal is not a dream killer.  The real dream killer is that you stand in the way of making that dream a reality by not investigating what it would take to make the dream come true.  You stand in the way of your desired reality.

Get Out of Your Way

Start chasing that dream or passion with the full intent of catching it.  Don’t know where to begin?  How about the library?  Yeah, you know that place with row upon row and floor upon floor full of books. The library is a goldmine that allows all of us a level of richness beginning with the richness and fullness of the mind.

Then there are schools of higher education (trade schools, community colleges, universities).  And in case you don’t have money for tuition, the government has taken care of that through the availability of grants, student loans and other financial aid.   Don’t forget about scholarships (you’re worthy to investigate that too).

And finally the obvious resource:  The internet.  One can gather a variety of information on any given topic without ever leaving home.  And YouTube is a visual how-to manual all by itself.

So if libraries.  institutions of learning and the internet aren’t enough, talk to someone that has been there and done that.  Surely they can provide you with some guidance and insight.

Need I say more?  Don’t kill that dream.  So the next time you come up with what you believe is a good idea, “Get Out of Your Way” and make it happen or at the very least.  Don’t even think about talking yourself out it.  And even if you do, if you can talk yourself out of it, you can talk yourself into it.  Investigate the possibility and then set upon a path to Renew Refresh and Reset Your Life.

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