Earn Money From Your Photoshop Skills Part I

How to Start Earning Money from Your Photoshop Skills

Photo courtesy of Isabella Foreman

Many people invest thousands of hours in acquiring new skills. For many people, the first choice is Photoshop. However, the main problem is that people are unaware how to utilize this incredible imagery tool to earn some side income, and later on, easily make a living out of it.

If you know a thing or two about Photoshop, yet you are not already making money from those skills, you are going to love the tips in this article, as you are going to get the right idea about taking the right career decisions.


There are plenty of people who need small photo services done. A majority of these requests are a piece of cake for experienced Photoshop professionals, and if you are someone who is skilled with this software, or other various alternatives, this platform is perfect.

A majority of projects last for a very short time but are also rewarded with $5. This is quite a low amount of money, but adding additional services, which are also easy, can bump up the price up to $30. For example, your special service is to get the project done within an hour, and that costs $30, there are people who are certainly going to pay for that.

On the other hand, this is a great option for building up a resume.

Stock photography

Stock photo websites are filled with various types of photos. However, not all of them are photography specific. There are digitally created images which are quite useful for blogs, infographics, marketing campaigns and many other similar business tasks. This is a perfect target audience, which is going to let you make a lot of sales.

However, this involves a lot of engagement, as it is necessary to research which types of designs are regularly sold and why. This will help you make a portfolio that sells well and earns you considerable profit.

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