Do You Know What Time Is It?

What Time Is It?

TimeDon’t look at the clock.  I’m not talking about that kind of time.  I’m talking about it’s the same time as always:  time to get it together.  And before you even go there, know that I know that I’m at the top of the “don’t talk about, be about it” chain.  Yep in some circles they call it put up or shut up.

It’s convenient that I’m writing this at the start of the New Year when resolutions are being made out of habit rather than determination.  But the fact is we can resolve to do want we want and need to do anytime of the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The first of anything that you do starts when you start it and it’s not dependent on the 1st of the year, week, month, etc.  It starts anytime that you decide it’s time.

While we are on the subject of convenience, let me just say that’s a huge part of the problem of why we don’t advance our causes, our missions, our assignments so to speak:  it’s conveniently inconvenient.  You already know what I’m talking about, but I’m going to go there anyway.

Conveniently Inconvenient

You know that that’s just a masquerade in attempt to cover up what’s really going on.  What are you dealing with?  Is it the big F? F.E.A.R.  Are you just burned out on trying?  Have you just lost your energy and the excitement about the things that used to motivate you?  Has laziness got you down?  Have you lost confidence in your ability to achieve?

No matter which of the above categories you fall into, I can tell you now, or rather advise not to fall for the lies.  You can conquer fear.  We know that much of the time fear is an illusion that we’ve created so scratch that obstacle.  We all get tired and want to quit and in some cases we do quit. However, we can all get up and pick up where we left off or start anew.  Nothing energizes you more than movement/action.  Action generates reactions and reactions will elevate your excitement and motivation.

What about laziness.  I don’t even like saying the “L” word and it’s a word that I rarely use.  If it’s laziness that has you down, take one moment and think about what that really means.  Think aabout the context in which it’s mostly used.  When was the last time you’ve heard or used the word lazy in a “good” sense?  Don’t buy into it.  You can do better.

Finally lack of confidence.  That’s the biggie.  The notion that you can’t. The notion that you’re not able, not worthy, not smart enough to get it done.  For a lack of a better term,  Phooey!  Okay that’s a childish term, but assuming I’m targeting adults in this post, you’re grown enough to know that when you put 110% in the game of life in a determined and consistent manner, things happen.  I mean that’s what we tell the kids and the young people in our lives right?  It’s our responsibility to raise confident children and with kids our actions often drown out our words.  And you wonder why they don’t listen when they see you playing by a different set of rules.

Confidence.  Ask G. Michelle Hale where confidence comes from and she’ll tell you every time that “confidence comes from doing.”

So Again I Ask:  What Time Is It?

It’s time for you to

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