Crippling Fear of Failure

Don’t Let Fear of Failure Stop You

Fear of Failure

Are You Afraid of Failure

Fear of failure may come from a variety of sources.  This fear can even be a learned behavior unknowingly passed down from one person to another.  It can stem from repeated attempts to achieve something and yet not reaching the desired effect.

Failure is more than likely a label most often given to ourselves and although it’s unlikely to be true, the more we repeat the message to ourselves, the more it seems a reality .  What’s worse is that this fear of failure is not always identifiable as such.  It is possible that you can have this fear without even knowing.  Check out these 10 signs that you might have a fear of failure.  Here are some irrefutable truths about failure and the fear of failure:

  • If you don’t try, you will never succeed.
  • If you are afraid to attempt because you are afraid of failure, then you will never succeed.
  • If you permanently “give up hope” on something that you once passionately pursued, you are guaranteed not to succeed in it.

The Success Factor

On the other end of the failure spectrum is how we define success.  Success as defined by Merriam Webster is “the correct or desired result of an attempt.”  The definition itself is clear but it’s the application of the definition that is tricky in that people view and measure success differently.   In the most elementary sense of the word, I imagine that we  all have some success stories under our belts.  Regardless of the level of success one has achieved, each level deserves honor and recognition.  The slightest achievement (in one person’s eyes), is a mountainous achievement in the eyes of the person that accomplished the goal, so be very careful not to shatter one’s euphoria about a recent highlight in their lives.

The Failure Challenge

Here’s a challenge for you:  The next time thoughts of failure creep into your head, quick rebut them with the many successes that you’ve had (no matter how small the success may appear).  Fear can’t survive without our help.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.” Charita Cadenhead

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