Confrontation Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

Confrontation doesn’t have to be ugly

If you’re a leader or intend to be, you will have to do things to step out of your comfort zone. It’s part of the job. Confronting peers, subordinates and even the boss (at times) when results aren’t matching plan expectations must take place to steer things back to where they need to be. If you avoid it, you are knowingly allowing the business to drive over the metaphorical cliff. It’s a poor business practice.

Granted confrontation feels so uncomfortable that the majority of people avoid it altogether. Of course, we know stories of the ugly side of confrontation when a leader has allowed the situation to fester to an ugly, emotional rampage. Even though this type of tirade may make the point for course correction, it’s damaging and dysfunctional. No one wins.

What’s the solution?

A leader needs to learn to quickly and unemotionally confront people in a way that reduces the potential for defensiveness. The approach can be one of solving a problem by focusing on the result versus expectations. The language used is not personal or accusing but focused on the identification of what has gone astray so correction or learning can take place.

If there is consistency in this approach and coaching others to use this method, a group can quickly become very comfortable and trust is formed. These characteristics are the hallmark of a highly productive team. I have much more to share on the topic of Assertiveness – Constructive Confrontation – Feedback – Conflict in a webinar you don’t want to miss. Most people can stand to improve these skills so join me on March 16 at 1p-2:30 pm

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