Comfort Zones Are Anything But Comfortable

Comfort Zones: Anything But Comfortable

Periscope 1/13/2015

Let me start with an introduction, my name is Charita Cadenhead, Founder of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life.  I am a Certified Life Coach, a best-selling author, and speaker.  I am YOUR Exit Strategist helping you to exit out of your comfort zone and into your purpose passions desires and goals. And I do that through individual and group coaching and speaking.

So now that we have that out-of-the-way, let’s get started.  I want to talk about how your Comfort Zone is anything but comfortable.

Of the top, let me ask you to consider this:  Would you agree that comfort zones are produced by anxiety?  The entire time you are convincing yourself why you shouldn’t do something, you are simultaneously experiencing anxiety thinking about it.  Right?   Now let me ask you this:  When has anxiety ever been comfortable?

And if it involves an activity in the future, you spend all that time in a state of anxiety and when the day finally comes, you either back out or freak out on your way to doing that very thing.

Now let’s look at it from another perspective where the activity is let’s say a week or more away.  Instead of single-handedly instigating the anxiety, why not spend that time planning about how you might make it through the activity or event? So when the time comes you might still be a little uncomfortable.  However, you will be far less uncomfortable than if you had not prepared.

The big advantage to planning how you’ll navigate the activity or event or whatever it is, is that you begin to explore your options.  As you ponder on how you will successfully manage the event, you will likely come up with several options and in fact, you might even find that you are more resourceful than you realize.  You’ll discover or rediscover how creative and ingenious you are.  Because when you have resigned yourself to your comfort zone, you don’t feel challenged to even think and stimulate your brain outside of resisting the exit out of your comfort zone.  You spend you entire mental capacity on how to avoid something.  Think about it.  How crazy (and funny really) is that?  I have to laugh at myself just thinking about it.

Make Comfort Zones Work for You

So here’s what I want you to do. If there is an activity or event that is coming up soon, I want you to begin to explore how you are going to successfully manage your presence in a way that works for you.  Notice that I didn’t say in a way that is comfortable for you.  I said “in a way that works for you.”  If you change your mindset from thinking about how uncomfortable a situation might be, to “okay, how can I handle this situation in a way that will work for me?

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