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Comfort Zones

Crushing Comfort Zones

Crushing Comfort Zones and Live Life Without Regret

There Are Two Kinds of Regrets From this point on you can consider yourself the Comfort Zone Crusher.  Join the crusade to crush every comfort zone that prevents you from living a life without regrets.  This world is too rich in resources and support for anyone not to overcome a …

The Value and Balance of Being Vulnerable

A Great Lesson About Being Vulnerable I was having a conversation with someone the other day and the topic lingered on my mind well into the day.  Vulnerability was not the specific topic of discussion but that was the gist of it.  Later in the afternoon I started a discussion …

Janet Tatum: Making Strides to Exit Out of Her Comfort Zones

Janet Tatum Talks the Walk Out of Her Comfort Zones Watch the replay of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life TV on as I interview Janet Tatum as she talks about the challenges and triumphs that she faces in an effort to exit out of her comfort zones.

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