Bury Those Old Wounds So Healing Can Begin

Let the Healing Begin

Healing Old WoundsI have certainly carried around wounds from my past.  I have even carried wounds from my childhood well into adulthood.   Many of you reading this post may still be nursing open wounds.   Fortunately for me, there came a time when I just refused to keep breathing life into a past that I’d much rather forget.

It is no easy task deciding to and actually letting go of deep wounds that have festered over time.  However, in order for healing to begin and for your life to move forward, you have to release the pain.  It may even involve forgiving someone for unthinkable behavior.  At the very least, you will have to come terms with the fact that it happened.  You cannot change the past but you can change the course of your life in spite of the past.  I am sure that whoever caused you pain in the past has moved on.  I do not mean to sounds as if I take it likely, because I know the hurt firsthand.  However, just as they have moved on, so should you for your own sake.

Take Back Control and Close Those Wounds

Redesigned Reset Button ONLY
Hit Life’s Reset Button

By carrying around anger and hurt from the past, you unknowingly give power to the cause of the hurt (whether it be a person, event, or perhaps a poor decision that you made in the past).  Healing cannot begin if you continue to harbor the hurt.  Do not be held hostage by ghost of the past.  Decide right now that you WILL Renew Refresh and Reset Your Life to where you want it to be.  It will get better and it will be easier if you simply try.  Trust and believe that.


 “Every day presents an opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.” Charita Cadenhead


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