A Body at Rest

A Body at Rest

A body at rest

A body at rest

Several weeks ago, Author S.W. Cannon wrote “Don’t Let the Sand Cover Your Head.”  Over the past several weeks, I let the sand cover my head.  It seems I had taken on so much, that my mind and body grew weary to the point where my head could not hold any more information and my body on the verge of lifelessness.

As crazy as it seems, sometimes it is hard to stop the madness and decline from taking on yet another something that will contribute to the decline of our physical and mental capacity. Why not just say “no?” No matter how you look at it, there just isn’t any justification for ignoring the signs that your mind and body need a reprieve.  If you’ve ever been in such a state, you probably know that you can do more with a body at rest than you can when your entire being is in a state of unrest.  One thing is certain, if you don’t shut yourself down and back away from the threshold of exhaustion, your body will surely do it for you.

A Little Me Time

The one and only prescription for salvaging a being that is merely going through the motions, is to declare “a little ME time.”  It’s okay to do that.  Somehow, somewhere in this world, there are some people that have come to believe that taking “me time” is an act of selfishness particularly if someone or something else is beckoning for attention. Careful thought will almost always show that unrest and weariness do not fare well when quality results are the order of the day.  A mind, body and spirit unobstructed by any source that drains energy, is far more capable of producing desired outcomes for self and others.

The best part about “a little me time” prescription is that it does not require a doctor to prescribe it or diagnose the condtion.  It’s purely a matter of self-awareness, time management, and recognizing that we are not super people or superheros with inexhaustible sources of fuel that energize us on demand.

Everyone Deserves a Vacation

It does not matter if one works  for someone else or self-employed,  designated space away from the things that make demands on us daily are necessary for sanity’s sake.  I have long ago come to the conclusion that most things in need of my attention can wait with rare exceptions of true emergency situations such as imminent danger, fire, flood, famine, sickness and death.

Sometimes, this even means a vacation away from the kids.  Yes I said and I’ve done it, without any guilt.  Believe it or not, if you have kids, depending on their ages, they need a vacations away from you as well. When you are too tired to fully give your kids and family the very best of your ability and consciousness, perhaps that mental and physical vacation is in order.  Take one or two days of vacation alone for the well deserved “me time” so that afterwards, you can full enjoy doing the things that matter.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead