Believe, Receive, Achieve

Believe and It’s a Done Deal

DSC_0070I woke up this morning so excited about what is currently taking place in my life.  I woke up excited about what the future holds for me and excited about the lives that will be changed because of what is going on in my life.   I believe that great things are in store for others and me. I am receiving that God’s plan is infallible and I am ready to achieve the magnificent will of God in my life.  How can things go wrong with an attitude like this?

Here is How Things Can Go Wrong

Evil will always attempt to take the spotlight off good if we let it.  When God is in the mix, you can bet your life on the fact that evil is lurking in the wings.  Nevertheless, I am here to tell you that when evil shows up, you have to show out.  Declare that evil does not have dominion over your life.   Decree that evil has no place in your world.  Declare that by the power in you through Jesus Christ, you are claiming victory over every evil thing that is even thinking about preying upon you.

Believe, Receive and Get Ready to Achieve

If there is anything in the world that you desire to happen, you have to believe that it will.  You have to receive achievement is already taking place.  That’s the bottom line.  You have to be mindful not confuse obstacles with intentional distractions.  Obstacles are those things that will sometimes occur as a natural course in the process of what you are doing.  What you really have to watch out for is “intentional” distractions aimed at throwing you off your game.  You have to learn to distinguish between the two.  Obstacles are designed to be overcome.  Intentional distractions are designed to bring you to a halt.  Sometimes intentional distractions will bring you to a screeching halt and sometimes, intentional distractions will slowly creep up on you in such a way that you never see it coming.

You can decide right now to overcome obstacles and debunk intentional distractions the very moment you decide to believe, receive and prepare to achieve the desires of your heart.

In addition, remember, you can STOP and hit the RESET button at any time to regain your focus and continue to move forward.

And that is the word for today. God gave it to me and I’m giving it to you.

“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.” Charita Cadenhead



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