About the Book: Forgiving Father

Author Ursula Mastin Bradley

I had the pleasure of interviewing Author Ursula Mastin Bradley about her book “Forgiving Father.” The book was inspired by her relationship with her own father. To that end, it’s personal to her.  However, don’t let that personal connection deceive you.  Forgiving Father is about forgiveness in general and can be applied to many circumstances.  As your make your way through the book, you’ll appreciate the space for journaling your thoughts as well as answering the questions prompted by the author.

Ursula urges people to reinstate the role of male as the “head” and not the tail.  It’s a rallying call for a return and/or reinforcement of civil communication with regard to how parents (married and divorced) communicate with their kids when it comes to a spouse that is not highly regarded.

It’s a short read but interesting and beneficial to the reader even if the reader does not agree with the context of the book.  It prompts one to think on a broader scale about their own forgiving or unforgiving heart.

You can get a copy of the book by emailing Mrs. Bradley or by visiting her Facebook page.  In the mean time, check out the video below of the interview.