What the Tweet is Going On?

Confessions of the Tweet-less


What the Tweet is Going On?

Yeah, I admit it.  I don’t get Twitter so I’m on a quest to increase my Twitter presence and knowledge base about all things Twitterville.  I understand the part about the 140 character limitation, but what I don’t understand is how to use those limitations to

  1. build relationships
  2. find people or groups to follow
  3. gain a following

I think Facebook has spoiled me in the sense that I am so comfortable with it, that I feel like I’d stick out like a social fish out of water on Twitter.  If not careful, social media will consume over 50% of the time that I don’t have.  Of course, I need to be strategic in casting my net and not follow people “just because.”  Justbecause what’ you might ask? Just because people, I know, are following someone does not mean that I should follow someone. Just because someone seems to be popular is not to say that I should follow them if I don’t feel that I have an interest in that person on what they have to offer.

Since social media is all about relationships, it’s important to me that my interest be genuine or else I really will stick out like a social fish out of water.  How do I keep it real and in perspective?  What will make people want to “follow” me on Twitter?

How much time should I commit to Twitter and the tweeting process?  How much is too much time to invest in Twitter and tweeting?  What’s too little?  How do I draw people in with my tweets?

So many questions, so little time.  I’ve decided to try to get myself a little help and what can help and natural my first thought was to seek self-help books (physical or digital really doesn’t matter).  I headed over to the amazon of books, Amazon.com and entered “Twitter” in the search box.  Since I’m a reader and all titles look interesting to me, I figured that if I wanted to eat the rest of the week, I’d better get the Kindle (albeit, less expensive) versions of the title.

So here’s what I have on my “Twindle”

Stacey Myers
Eric Bieller
Benjamin Wilson, Twitter
This ought to enough to get me on the right track so look out Twitteville, I’m a coming for ya.
Everyday presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead, Certified Life Coach & Introvert Advocate

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