Turn Your Job Into a Career

Set Your Goal Beyond Getting a Job

When you got your current job, was that all you wanted?  Was getting that job the “end” goal?  Did you plan for the “buck” to stop there?  For many of you, I sincerely hope that the answer to all three questions is “no.”

Hit the Reset Button on Life

Hit the Reset Button on Life

The problem with settling into a job with no aspirations for growth is that you plant a seed of stagnation.  Depending on the type of job that you have or organization that you work for, opportunities for growth may not seem apparent at first glance.  However, consider that many of McDonald’s franchise owners started out on fries at teenagers.  Consider that bank presidents and CEO’s likely started out at tellers and then worked their way up chain.  Consider the bag boy at the grocery store who is now store or regional manager for that grocery chain.  Now consider that even if you start at the very lowest level of an organization, it does not mean that you have to stay there.  Those at the top, often start at the bottom.

Here is Something to Chew On

If you feel like you have reached a point of stagnation on your job, ask yourself

  • Is this where you want to stay?
  • Are you content in that job without any chance for self-development and growth?
  • Are there ways that you can create opportunities for growth (short and long term).
  • What do or can you bring to the table?
  • Is there a need for a new process or procedure that you can create or update?
  • Are there ways to make your department run better, smoother and be more streamlined and effective?
  • Are there internal training programs that you can take advantage of for personal and professional growth?
  • Are their training programs that you can teach or at least become the organization’s resident expert?
  • If there are no opportunities in your company, department or organization, do you have skills that will transfer elsewhere?

This Message Isn’t for Everyone

On a final note, these are just meaningless words on a screen if you are perfectly content in your job, if you already have a dream job or if you simply do not care about your current state of complacency.  As usual, you get to decide whether you will turn a corner or not.

If by chance this post has given you cause to reconsider our destiny, stop and give way to the possibilities and then Renew Refresh Reset Your Life accordingly.

“Every day presents opportunity to hit The reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead


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