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A Journey of Self DiscoveryRecently a friend stopped by to visit and seek advice about an issue in her current life.  Once she began to talk – it turn out to be a session of discovery and confirmation.

My friend had embarked on a “journey.”  This journey was one of re-self-awareness, self-love and rediscovery of her true self.  For years, she confessed that she had been everything to and for everyone and here is where she had lost her way.

There were some brutally honest statements made about hurt inflicted by family, friends and lovers.  She admitted that hurt people either over compensate for their hurt by trying to be the “best” or continue the cycle of hurt.  She was the over compensator.  The ability to give until it hurts is her  M.O. (modus operandi).  I know first-hand that she is caring, loving, and giving with little to no limits and this is where things can get troublesome.  Boundaries in life are vital to survival and growth she said matter-of-factly!

After outlining several examples of life and love gone wrong, she skillfully fessed up to her wayward thinking and actions.  I listened intently as she was able to sift through each situation and garner the good decisions and lessons learned, in spite of.  I admired her frankness and composure as she dug deep into the realities of her experiences. It also became very clear that she was not just beginning this new journey, but was well on her way.  There is something so peaceful and freeing about making good decisions for one’s well-being.  Although there is often pain, risk and fear involved in hard decisions, the result is total reconciliation.

Here is what she/we re-affirmed:

  • Love yourself 1st and at all times
  • Be you at all cost
  • Define your Love (hers matches that of Christ)
  • Set boundaries, limits and goals
  • Spend quality time with yourself
  • Do things that make you happy
  • Love through the good and bad
  • Value relationships that are consistently valuable
  • Be free (everyone’s freedom is different)
  • Surround yourself with positivity (words, people, activities)
  • Know yourself better than anyone else

So, it wasn’t my advice that she needed after all, it was simply a listening ear.  I was the recipient of her well-packaged awareness and re-discovery.  I am so thankful for the fruitful visit that helped me re-affirm my own journey.

photo credit: ::ErWin Wading via photopin (license)

“People don’t always need advice. Sometimes all they really need is a hand to hold, an ear to listen and a heart to understand them.” ~ VeryBest

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