Dying to Be Free

A Quest to Bee Free



This poem was sent to me by Ikki A. Lou (pen name) and with permission, she has allowed me to publish it here.  If ever there was a cry for a life reset, this is it.

This 8-4:30, this 9-5 is really beginning to kill my vibe
This is not who I am meant to be
God Knows everyday I just want to break free
I am not a desk,a chair, a computer, a time clock
I AM freedom, loud, creative…see I ROCK!
I dance, I sing, I flip, I clap but everyday I come here; I conform to this crap.
You can not tell me when to vacate or how long you think I should take because just like the birds I long to be free
But each day I sit here I lose a part of me.
I roam, I wander, I look all about for various ways to get me out of this hell, this jail, this tunnel of death.
Cause the longer I keep coming here the more I lose of myself
to the boss, the man, corporate america, whomever he may be,
The world pushes to be more like them but I am dying to just be free me.
Ikki A. Lou
“Every day presents another opportunity to hit the reset button on your life.”  Charita Cadenhead, Life Coach

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