People Make The World Go Round

It's All About the People

It’s All About the People

Renew Refresh Reset Your Life has been all about motivating and inspiring women through our blog. The sources of inspiration has been, none other than the fabulous women that have served as guest writers.  For me, it’s been a dream come true, being able to write and blog on a regular basis and invite talented writers to share their experiences in such a way to inspire others to dream, hope and take action in their lives that will add to the quality of their lives.  These motivational and inspirational post will continue to be the cornerstone of Renew Refresh Reset, but we’ve added a new dimension to the mix:  People.

Who Are These People?

Renew Refresh Reset Your Life decided to reach out and start talking to people that had either stepped out and hit the reset button on their lives at some point or in some way were making a difference in the lives of others.  We’ll be writing stories about them and their sources of inspiration that served as catalysts to change.  You’ll find a combination of stories about them through recorded phone interviews or video recorded interviews in some cases.

While the focus of Renew Refresh Reset Your Life is still targeted to our women audience, the People section of RRR will feature women, men and even kids.

We’re always looking for a good story, so don’t be shy about recommending someone that you you would like to see spotlighted.  Feel free to contact us about someone that you believe has hit the reset but on their life or the lives of others in a big way.
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