Frustration While Doing Your Best

Don’t Let Frustration Stop You

ChallengesI really do not like using the words most, everybody and all, but in this case, I would venture to say that everybody experiences frustration sometimes.  Frustration may set in when you’ve tried over and over again to accomplish something and no matter how many times you make an attempt, you still can’t quite get it right.  That type of repeated frustration tempts us to give up and just throw in the towel.  It nearly convinces us that our efforts to achieve that particular conquest is beyond our scope.  Do you believe that or do you keep trying to reach the desired goal, effect, etc.? I hope you don’t fall into the trap and stop “reaching” for the gold.

Here is what I know about that kind of frustration:  If you’ve tried time and again, without question, you are likely to be closer to getting it right than you were when you began your quest.  Chances are that you’ve learned something along the way but you just have not quite managed to put that knowledge into perspective to a point where it all comes together.  I’m guessing that if you keep at it, sooner or later, a light bulb is going to go off and it’s all going to make sense.

Your Best is Good Enough

I am facing a similar frustrating situation.  Almost daily I feel like giving up on something.  But instead, I just keep on doing my best.  In case you’ve got that burning desire to achieve and are facing frustrations, you should know that your attempts are not futile.  I have come to the conclusion that your best is always good enough, until such time that you can do better so do not give up.  And if you are ever going to accomplish what you’re aiming for, then keep doing your best to improve and take what you’ve learned and apply it to the process.

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